Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Bags of Delight

While dog sitting and keeping my eye on all the lovely hounds.
Ive been stitching away on all my left over hexagons from the coat
idea. I had to look at an old drawstring bag for ideas, how one was put
together. I mainly concentrated on adding more to the hexagon flower so
that its almost a full circle like the original drawstring bag.
On this one I appliqued a heart and everything was hand-stitched as I really
didn't want to be messing about with a sewing machine. at the moment theres no
room as theres so many projects on the go and so much sorting out to with almost everything living on the shelves and tables such as books, paper, music sheets and more
needles and threads.
I enjoy hand stitching, its good therapy. This green and blue hexagon bag took me a
few days to make and with help from my wonderful teacher and Friend Anne, Anne was able to show me how to make the cord twisting the threads and how the drawstring technique worked as the bag need two sort of looped strings. I had forgotten to take my ribbons to the class and Anne said don't worry we can make some cords instead and wow I love it.
Ive never used twisted cord before or seen how they were made so that really was a bonus. Ive got quite a few of these bags to do now as my mum would like a couple and so would my sister. Theres no crafts group next week so I will be busy. The crafts class have each got to work on a pennant triangle. a bit like buntings that you see hanging up at parties or garden fetes. The Idea is to do a pennant incorporating the Olympics. I have chosen to do a horse. I now have a rough idea what I want to do but Ive got to experiment, keep your eyes peeled on the blog to see what happens whether the pennants work or not.
All the dogs are doing great and Bongo has settled in so well in this household and pack of other hounds.

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fab Kathleen I did find your link thanks