Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Threads and more threads!

Hi everyone, Ive not deserted you all, just been busy working on one of my quilts that i had dragged down from the attic. I went up to look for something else and came across a quilt that I had forgotten about which I started hand quilting about four years ago, when I had my other flat. Alice, bless her, used to love laying next to this quilt while I hand quilted away. I thought i just had to bring this down and work on it, as if Alice was still with me. Yesterday while I stitched away for several hours, Bongo came to lay next to mummy just as if Alice was telling her what to do.
Bongo soon got bored and jumped off the sofa for other adventures but at the moment its just nice to hand quilt. Before I start, I thread quite a few needles ready with some of my favourite YLI threads called Rio de Janiero. If I run out I will get some more, hopefully I will get paid by next Tuesday so that I can get some. Its that end of the money blues time when you are short of cash and have to watch every penny, I hate those times. i have stocked up on other types of threads just in case I run our on the Rio de Janeiro one.
The pennant will be ready to be sewn with the backing and label ready for the special Olympics. My lovely teacher Anne suggested I leave the front just as it is, as I had used coloured pencil using the brand coloursoft to fill in the leaves. i was hoping to try the trapunto method but quite a few if my friends said the same, that the front was fine as it is.
Sadly tomorrow morning will be the last group meeting as Anne is unable to continue to teach. Instead I shall go to my friends house Jean on a Wednesday morning so that i can still get help and tuition with my projects and dress making.
Ive bought the most easiest pattern to try, a simple apron dress that you tie the sides at the back of you, I will post some images to show what I mean.

Meanwhile my poor mum is in hospital on an antibiotic drip to try and fight the infection that had got into her operated foot from weeks ago, and poor Scruff had cut her paw too, possibly on some glass while running like crazy on a field.

The pictures Ive included shows that particular quilt that I am working on, and the horse pennant with the leaves filled in with coloursoft green.

I hope everyone is OK and able to have lots of creative quilting fun in the next few days.

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