Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Carrot Hair!

I know it has been such a long time since I last wrote on this blog, I'm determined to
try and write each day or every few days. I have been busy with the needle and thread, learning to dress make with some great friends where I go to a friend's house every Wednesday. Ive been cutting out a pattern for dress number two which will go under a pinafore style dress which is a very pale pastel green. I'm learning and everything takes time. Last week I was shocked at what size I was checking out the measurements for the dress size but its diet time for me, I must say its not easy with not being able to exercise much with my MS. So all chocolates, anything sugary or mega fatty are out at the moment. It will be Rachel's birthday on Friday, Jim was telling me it was for today, I worked hard like a mad woman doing a few things but at least a few things are ready and I cant say on exactly what I have been doing (wink wink), as it would spoil the surprise.
My watch needed a new battery and I needed to take a bracelet in to be mended so Jim and myself called into Leicester town and noticed that the continental market was on.
Jim took some photos for me after we had dropped off a bagful of goodies to a charity shop. Jim had caught the back of me on one of the photos and can you see that carrot hair? yep, that is me, Ive never seen the back of me before like this.
Ive got the Autumn edition of Quiltmania and wow I just love that magazine, so full of ideas and so full of quilts I want to have a go at.
Meanwhile on the front pages of newspapers, it says we will have the freeze in October, an early frost. I will certainly have to get my hounds some new coats next week to keep them warm when going out for walkies. Bongo is definitely growing and looking great and getting more cheekier than ever. I hope you enjoy the photos, see you again SOON!


SewIknit2 said...

wow! love the hair!! lol!
I'm trying to do the same, less time on FB and more time blogging! no! wait I mean more time in the SEWING ROOM!
Good luck with the dressmaking venture!
Sue x

DIAN said...

It is easy to be distracted but it is nice to see you here blogging again.

Love the hair colour.