Friday, 23 September 2011


As promised I'm back here again. Over the last few days Ive been painting Rachel a birthday card. Ive not painted dogs for a few years so this was quite a challenge.
I used thinned down cheap Reeves acrylic paints. I thought this painting would just be a practise piece but decided to use this anyway as the painting was as near to the photo image that I could get it. There were moments of frustration when I just had to walk away and leave the painting then go back to it later.
Hope all of you are having fun and being creative, its a lovely sunny day. I feel a bit shaky and weak so will have to take it easy and just read a book.


SewIknit2 said...

thats a lovely idea to paint for your pal's birthday card! I've still kept mine that you painted me - I think that painting is a skill and judging from the pic I'd say you are pretty skilled!!
Oh! I often have to walk away too - sometimes you need a break to get fresh eyes on a project and sometimes machines too! I've walked off in huff from my overlocker MANY times!!
Sue xxx
ps hope the fatigue is wearing off and return to something near "normal" energy soon x

Jeanne said...

You are very talented! I'm thinking your friend will be so pleased with her card. Nice work.