Friday, 21 October 2011

That Friday Feeling

On Wednesday the 19th of October it was my birthday where I was 21 again, or I wish (hee hee). Jim bought me some Lancome perfume and a bottle of Vanilla Vodka for those nights when I'm just on my own having some hand quilting fun, me, my hounds and the TV switched on for company on those dark nights. Jim tried to take me to a place called Ashby but we got lost so had to come home even though the Sat Nav sent us round the traffic Island a few times and drove Jim absolutely mad. Jim did me my favourite food for supper, Nacho chips with melted cheese and dips for my real birthday treat, fabulous. We were both so tired we went to bed earlier than usual.
On the Thursday I went along to a crafts group which is held every two weeks, I took along that patchwork hexagon coat that I'm still working on. This is one reason why Ive not been on the blog world much as I just didn't know what to write. I had been working almost every day hand quilting the coat idea which has been ongoing for the last two years. Theres only two more metres to hand quilt now before bravely cutting out the pattern. On the Wednesday morning Ive been going to my Friend Jean's house, learning about dress making. Next week Ive to learn to attempt a zip on the sewing machine which Ive never done in my life but they are important to learn especially when you want to learn how to do dresses, skirts, trousers.
One of the ladies took a photo of me and my hand quilting, I said I needed a picture for my blog and here it is.... and guess what, the camera is still working!
Over the last few weeks Ive been making sure that I don't start any new projects to try and finish items which is really my weakest point!! apparently this is common to Librans so I don't feel so bad about that now.


SewIknit2 said...

thats a lovely photo of you and the quilting project!!!
sew glad you enjoyed your birthday! pressies sound great!
like the sound of the vanilla vodka! what do you mix with that?
Happy quilting!
yarnie hugs, Sue x

artymess said...

Faith that is such a lovely photo of you with your magnificent hexagon quilt......happy birthday for the 19th ...x

Dolores said...

WEll, Happy Belated Birthday! Mine was on the 18th. I love the colours of your hexagons.

Mama Spark said...

Great photo Faith!! I can't believe it has been so long you working on that. I hope your birthday was a happy one!!