Friday, 4 November 2011

Black Hearts

Well I thought even though I couldnt show you the picture of what id been sewing, I would tell you about it. I kept a lot of my winter coats up in the attic and one day decided to bring one down, now that the cold weather has loomed up on us.
I was amazed to see a hole in my fake fur coat, what ever did that? then it dawned on me, naughty MICE! Jim kindly took me all the way to Loughborough to have a look in the quilt shop there to see if they had anything. I got some iron on interfacing, a metre of fabric and some threads, beads, all towards sewing the applique on the coat.
All Friday evening while the fireworks made loads of noise upsetting the dogs, I cut out two heart shapes and decided to use black. I was scratching my head wondering just how was I going to tack the hearts on the coat, then I realised I had to basting spray which was brilliant and I would certainly use it again. The black hearts got sewn on as if sewing a badge, I showed Jim and Rachel, they said it looked okay can hardly see the black hearts on the coat, so that was good, what I wanted. One thing for sure, the coat is living in the wardrobe for good now, now that I know mice are up in the attic living somewhere in their Buckingham Palace, with a bit of that coat fur in their nest.
Theres been a combination of celebrations here in Leicester. The indian sihks had their Diwali celebrations which is their type of Christmas, and today is Guy fawkes night where bonfires and fireworks are lit all over the country. Jazz and Scratch hate the fireworks, had to have a drop of herbal rescue remedy to try and calm them down. Im hoping to go to an art exhibition today which is why I worked on the fur coat. I will try and take some pictures so that I can show you all, fingers crossed.

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Annabelle said...

Faith - lovely to catch up with your blog and find you reasonably well. Thanks for sticking with my site throughout my illness. Looking forward to the pics ... I have also saved some fors!