Saturday, 19 November 2011


Over the last few days which has been hectic, I called into Loughborough town to visit the quilt shop and other great shops which are on the same little lane. The main reason was to buy some raffle tickets to try and win a sewing machine so fingers crossed.
At the end of the road was a tiny church where a little exhibition was being staged by some quilters from the quilt shop. Not realising I had come to the exhibition way too early as the exhibition was supposed to be opening in the evening but the lovely ladies there putting up the quilts still let me have a quick look round. The money which could of paid the entry fees went onto some more raffle tickets. I did manage to take some more photos before the camera died down even with brand new batteries.
I didnt see many quilts that were hand quilted though which I was a little disapointed in, but I do realise alot of quilters just dont have the time to hand quilt and would rather sew everything on the sewing machine. I hope you will enjoy the photos.

The name Roxy is a name of the dog that lived in a shop just a few doors down from the quilting shop, I called in the shop to look at wellingtons and there was the dog posing on a shelf as if was part of the fittings. Roxy stayed there and posed for the camera taking it all in his stride then he went back to sleep again. Roxy reminded me of a mini Scruff, one of those dogs you just wanted to take home with you but with four hounds this is already a houseful, no more dogs,,,,,, yes I can hear you Jim.

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DIAN said...

The quilts are really lovely. How nice of the ladies to let you take a peep.