Friday, 2 December 2011

New Applique

Sometimes, just sometimes, working on long length projects can get a little tiring, so decided to have a go at some applique. About two to three years ago Jim got me a quilt pattern from America called Celestial Dreams. I had a go at some flower petals which worked great using the print, cut stitch and fuse wash away paper done by the company C&T publishing. I loved working with this as I could stitch away through layers whether in bed or sat on the sofa. On the colour copy of the sheet showing Celestial Stars I noticed that the designer used fabric that had stars printed within the petal leaves, I loved this image. I did search around for a while for fabric like this but couldnt find anything suitable so decided to embroider some black stars on yellow using the template from two penny pieces. I loved how this turned out.
Im now working on the middle of the flower embroidering small tiny squares to make it look interesting. The great thing about applique you can use bits of scrap material that youve had for ages and just didnt know what they could be handy for next.
I will try and make an effort to write more on the blog though sometimes I admit Ive had what to you call in my version the blank page block, just what do you write about without having a moan and groan and repeating negative comments from the mouths that can talk! I hope you like what I have been working on.
I did manage to go to the fabric guild this morning to get some pale turquiose for the centre of Celestial Dreams, I had to be good as Jim kept moaning dont damage the bank balance too much, with that, well I did try my best.


Dolores said...

It looks interesting. I am not familiar with the pattern and look forward to seeing the block finished. I like applique but don't do it that often.

Jeanne said...

Very creative way to achieve the desired look! Have fun with it.

Annabelle said...

This looks difficult - loved reading back over your blog ... been away too long.
annabelleserendipity xx