Sunday, 8 January 2012

New Year Sort Out

Hi everybody, hope you are all managing to stay warm and keeping busy in the quilt, stitching world here. Over the last few days Ive been sorting out my little plastic bags of jumble, mainly of jumbled up threads, sorting them out and winding them onto cardboard or plastic bobbins. My favourite threads are always real, pure silk variegated threads but these are expensive and can be hard to get so Ive been cherishing the little bits and pieces that I have got. Theres still a lot more threads to be sorted out but the rest will have to wait til I can get some more bobbins.
Meanwhile Ive bought one of the dog coats down to have ago at stitching. The material patterns are cut out, the binding tacked on, but my goodness I feel such an amateur in this department. I can just imagine my teacher friend's saying undo that and stitch it on properly....... eeek. I though I will carry on here, its only a dog coat and I'm learning with the mistakes that I'm making here. I'm hand stitching everything as I feel safer that way and in control. The sewing machine the little one that I have would not cope with sewing through three layers so for now I'm happy with just my needle and thread. The top layer of the dog coat is green, waterproof, theres two layers fleece like material to keep them warm. I'm noticing that the weather is getting colder again so bit by bit, when I can Ive been having a go at these coats.
I got a lovely surprise package from my dear friend Pam.... thank you Pamx I will take photos of little bits and pieces of the parcel delights in what I'm going to do with them and show pictures how I'm working with them. My brain has got rusty in taking photos and downloading the images but I'm making a start and made a vow to make more effort on my blog and to keep in touch with all you friends out there, I have not forgotten about you all.
Two days ago,,,,,, it happened to me, Scruff did a runner and went missing (naughty hound!), so I had to dash in the house get my coat and lead and frantically look for that black tearaway scoundrel. As I tried to walk up a pathway, I tripped on the kerb and fell making a lovely mess with two bruised knees reminding me I'm like a kid again. After about three quarters of an hour I spotted Scruff up one of the back roads while phoning Jim at work saying Ive lost Scruff. I managed to grab Scruff by her collar and bring her home again. Dogs eh..... grrr. I think while I fell I lost one of my precious bracelets from my mum and just not been able to find it, so touch wood it will be in the house somewhere, I will keep looking.
I will keep you all informed how I'm getting on with my projects good and bad (laughs).

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Annabelle said...

Happy New Year to you - love the pics. xx