Thursday, 12 January 2012

Thursday Classes

Every Wednesday I go to my friend Jean's house for our little creative gatherings, getting out our crafts and learning to dress make. Every Thursday morning we all go to a bigger group which is held in the Holy Apostles Scout hut on the other side of Leicester. At first I did wonder would I have the energy to go to another class in the same week?, but so glad I did as it meant meeting more brilliant people and getting such inspiration from other members crafts and needlework. At the moment all the other ladies are working on a small hexagon pincushion while me and Jean try to have a go at making a little pouch for our thimbles made out of three leaf shapes. Six cardboard leaf shapes are cut out then covered over with fabric using glue. Jean and the other ladies kindly let me take some photos to show you what we are doing. Three leaf shapes for inside the pouch had the inner lining cover and the rest of the leaves had the outer material in our chosen design. I found the hardest bit was stitching the leaf edges together as I was stitching through dried glue, fabric and card. This is my very first attempt so I guess the more I make, the more it will get better.
The photo where you can see a cushion with clamshells and a large triangular pincushion is actually a doorstop with a padded pebble inside which I thought was a great idea, Ive yet to learn all these lovely methods and cant wait but I will let you know how it all goes with my little projects, good and bad.

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