Friday, 13 January 2012

Presents Galore from Pamx

Presents Galore

I wanted to show a photo of this package of yummy goodies which came from Pam, (Mammasparks) for my Christmas box. I'm working on something secret for Pam but I cant show any pictures though I am keeping a little diary of what I'm doing and how the project is working out. I wanted to do a little something handmade which is in slow process as with my MS some days I can sew and other days cant move my fingers.

It really made my Christmas when I got these yummy goodies, Pam did ask me for a wishlist and I would of been happy with just one or two items but bless Pam she waved her magic wand from Mammasparks Land.....and included these wonderful patterns, fabrics, special little leather thimbles, and the wash away applique paper which wow is absolute godsend. I will let you all know how I get on with the dressmaking, and the yummy fabrics. Ive had to wait til Jim could take the photos for me as my hands shake now and again, theres been plenty of out of focus pictures (hee hee).
We need to bring the scanner out of the attic so that I can scan my art work for you.

Jim managed to drive me to the fabric guild as I wanted some more little plastic storage boxes that you can put your embroidery threads in. So THANKYOU THANKYOU Pamx and Jim for taking the photos for me.

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