Sunday, 22 April 2012

Leperchaun Magic

Quite a while ago. a friend asked me to do her a picture of a Leperchaun.  I had been searching on the net for a while for one that I can work from, then out of the blue while looking through some of the books I found an image to help me.  Its been a very long time sunce I picked up a paintbrush as I had been so busy with needle and thread and concentrating on finishing projects.  So this little chappie is slowly coming to life using water soluable neo pastel Caran D'ache crayons that you can also dab with watercolour.
It will take me a few more days to work on this, mainly working on shadows and depths.  I think my friend Sally will like this,  Sally doesnt have a computer so she wont be able to peep what Im doing for her.

The hounds have been keeping me busy with walkies, de pooping the garden, feeding them and keeping them happy.  They have all been as good as gold and will sleep for a couple of hours once theyve been fed and happy.  The weather is quite cold at the moment with the rain then cold winds, I think the washing will have to dry indoors for a change.  We do need the rain though with the hosepipe ban which is in place here in the UK.

Well its back to my painting, hope youre all having a nice weekend and doing something creative.


studio lolo said...

He's a delightful chap!

If I hadn't seen the pic of you and Kaiff on the sidebar I at least would know you were influenced by him. Your color choices are amazing!

I used to live in his neck of the woods. All of his children and Grandchildren are amazingly talented.

Best to you with your MS. It looks like your spirit is winning :)

Thanks for the visit!

maisie sparrow's vintage pictures said...

He's so cute!! Lovely quilting. pop over to my blog.Blessings.Maisie.

maisie sparrow's vintage pictures said...

have just gone on to follow, thought i would tell you in case you wonder who sitegirl is.Maisie.