Saturday, 23 June 2012

The Eye Of Horus

Have added the beads at the bottom of the postcard

for the Eye Of Horus. Ive just to stick the card on the background now

Blog Post. The Eye Of Horus

My sewing for the last few days have been a bit slow going as our crafts Wednesday

Group had some bad news. One lovely member of our group called Eva passed away due to

A stroke. This left me gutted for a few days as she was such a lovely lady and such a friend.

Our group had been together for more than three to four years of our little get togethers.

Eva used to bring along her knitting and sadly almost finished her sleeve of her light blue jumper.

I managed to carry on with the Egyptian eye. Ive got to sew the eye to some felt backing

And might sew some dangly beads at the bottom, Im not sure yet, I will see how this works out.

The car boot on a Sunday have been great finding alsorts of treasures such as beads, charms, books.

Last Sunday found a load of embroidery hoops all for just one pound, we did well there.

Scruff, my black rough coated lurcher always knows when its Sunday . Scruff nudges me awake at 7.30 am to

Remind me to put on her lead and take her over the road. So many people ask if Scruff is a rescue dog, and that shes so timid. Weve had Scruff for two years now and Im so glad at that time I put an advert on the net asking for a rough coated lurcher, Jim got Scruff for my birthday that year and shes still my birthday baby. I wonder what I will find tomorrow ?, I will certainly let you know and hopefully the weather will behave itself and not rain. Do let me know what you think to The Eye Of Horus.


DIAN said...

I am so sorry to hear that you have lost a dear friend - I am sure your heart is heavy at present.

I love the eye.

margaret said...

It is so sad when a friend passes away, my thoughts are with you Faith.

Your eye looks tremendous wow.
Enjoy your car boot sale today,lets hope there are lots of bargains. raining here in Leeds so fingers crossed it is dry in Sheffield(?)

Your Scruff looks full of character, my nephew and niece both have lurches, very friendly dogs and love to run wild in the fields.

dianne said...

WOW!!! the Eye is awesome!

please send some of your precipitation this way - temps have been in the 100's and there are fires all over the state ... the air is smokey and ashy - and breathing it in is nasty ... rain would be a lovely, welcome change...

JennyPennyPoppy said...

Very sorry to read about the loss of your friend. Please accept my condolences. Your Egyptian eye looks super!! Love the colours you chose.

ina said...

So sorry to hear the loss.The eye is awesome!