Friday, 6 July 2012

Lone Boat Sailing

Ive been busy over the last few days but when I did get the chance to sit down and stitch,
Ive been working on this tiny needlepoint of a textiles trading card along the theme of boats.
Ive yet to finish off this small card then stitch on some beads I had found at the local car
boot sale. The beads are of tiny dolphins and what a lucky find, so in with the boat theme,
the sea, and yachts of course. There had been a happy accident, I did draw on the
canvas what I thought was the correct size. I stitched up to the line, when I got out the tape
measure I found it was too small but that was OK now that I needed to add just a bit more round the edge, the stitching made it more like a modern piece so I'm happy with that accident.
I hope all of you are still able to stitch and find inspiration despite this heavy rain we've had for the last couple of days. Its Sunday in another day's time and I just cant wait, to see what treasures I will find.

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margaret said...

what a delight your ATC is, I can appreciate it although even to see a boat bobbing up and down on the water can make me sea sick!!
Happy car booting, I am very envious, we do not seem to have them in Leeds but will go on google shortly and have a look, what a find with your dolphin beads.
Trust the ground is not too soggy with all the rain will it ever end?