Friday, 13 July 2012

Small Boat Sailing

Finally I have been able to update my blog. I couldn't really post anything more about this tiny textiles trading card until I had stitched some more. I have added just a few beads being careful not to add too much as its so easy to get so carried away and find that you've done a little too much.
It can be like that with paintings, drawings too, knowing when to stop without the feeling of "Damn, Ive spoilt it!" At the moment I'm sewing round the edges so that when I glue the back card you will see that the fabric round the edges have been sewn too. Its a lot of work but worth it to make everything neat and enjoyable for the lady that will receive this. My master of all tasks (my partner Jim), very kindly cut the mount board for me when my silly MS fingers couldn't hold the scalpel or the metal ruler. Thank goodness I keep holding the thread and needle, stitching every day so that I can keep my fingers flexible but some tasks they say a no no too.
The dolphin beads came from a home made necklace someone had done from the car boot sale that was very cheap. I thought these were the perfect little beads to add on the little card.
My favourite is always stitching with the variegated threads, I'm always adding just a little bit more to my collection.
The weather is blooming wet heavy rains and grey skies again, but we cant do anything about that, my magic wand, some twig Scruff bought me from out of the garden won't do anything.
If only it could.
Ive added my name to more wonderful blog pages meeting other needle workers, crafters and artists, what fantastic fun the blog world is. Scruff has just reminded me that she wants to go out, so I must sign off now. I hope you all have a good creative weekend and keep dry.


laurajane said...

Lovely work,love the colours.Someone is going to be thrilled with it.
The weather is shocking isn't it.
Laura x

Faith said...

Thankyou Laura for your commentx
Im beginning to love stitching really small, like a mini needlepoint. I have always loved needlepoint but could never afford the kits especially from Erhman and I would be too scared to use them with having four dogs

JennyPennyPoppy said...

Your atc is a work of art!! The design, colours and embellishments all look super! This year I've been enjoying being part of a birthday atc swap group and just finished a doodle atc for someone in Australia. The person this is for is going to be sooo happy!!

margaret said...

Faith this is a beautiful card, I would find it very hard to part with it, would be adding it to my collection

Melissa said...

how DO you manage to give this beauties away?!? the dolphin beads are perfect ... i don't really even like boats, but this is gorgeous!

dianne said...

drats ... Melissa was still signed it - the previous comment was really from me - but she would love this stitchery, too.