Monday, 23 July 2012

Summer At Last

I must admit that for the last couple of days Ive had a mental block where I just couldn't get on
with anything. So all I could do was just rest, look through magazines to try and get some inspiration. I found a an applique quilt block that I had done along time ago just as a practice piece so decided to do a bit of stitching on this where I had drawn the outlines with a fine pen. Naughty I know but it was a practise little piece and Ive still got a lot to do, to learn, to stitch.
The weather has been glorious and hot. It was nice to put on some suncream and shorts and really make the most of the sun which should of been here weeks and weeks ago instead of all this rain.
I took the freezer paper out from the back of the tree. I wont work with freezer paper again, but you have to use these things to have a go at and see whether is works for you or not. Now that I have the wash away applique paper I don't need to use the freezer paper. I hope you are all having fun and managing to get on with some creativity.

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