Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Scruff and lots of Stitchings.

Tonight, all the hat shapes and the dress with sparkles will be sewn down, stitched round the applique shapes. I'm really pleased with the hand quilted background.
The face and the top of the hat had been stitched in Long and short stitch. The top of the hat was a happy accident, as at night when I started sewing I thought I was using black, but when the morning came, realised it was navy blue. The rest of the top end of the hat was done in black of course, this took a long time to do,
Fist this was a quick sketch that I worked on reversed on some specialist
paper. To my horror I realised that this paper doesn't like being painted on with water based paints or alcohol so had to draw on felt instead which is why it took me so long, and so late with this project.

As you may have read from some of my earlier posts, some days I have good days with this MS and other days where I'm just so tired and aching a lot that I have not been able to do much.
The last three to four days were days where I just wanted to get so much stitching done but had to make do with doing a little bit here and a little bit there. Ive been a bit slow working on the postcard theme of hats for the stitching Fingers postcard swap. I'm pleased to say that I don't have that much more to do now. Ive just got to stitch round the hat, do the ribbon decoration that would be like a little mini rosette with a button sewn in the middle. I think tonight I may get the backing and the binding done round the edge.
I embroidered the face going round in circles with a stem stitch using variegated pink thread. I wanted to come away from my usual little mini needle point so experimented doing freehand embroidery. At first I drew some sketches on paper then traced the design onto some felt.
The brim for the hat was embroidered separately on another piece of felt using purple metallic embroidery thread which was fun. I'm hoping to use tiny little purple seed beads on the hand-quilted background. I will certainly let you know how this progresses on.

Unfortunately very late last night, Scruff was laid at the top of the stairs, one of her usual spots while I'm reading late at night in bed and cant sleep. Rachel went into the bathroom, shut the door and got Scruff's tail trapped in the door. My poor baby yelped and ran onto the bed with a bleeding tail, the very tip was open and you could see a bit of bone. It was a horrible accident.
We took Scruff to the vets today for them to have a look at it. The vets gave Scruff some anti-biotics and some painkillers, and decided that it would be better to stitch the nasty wound tomorrow, it would just be too painful to wrap it today and to leave it open, The would does look nasty bless her. While watching her today I did get a lot of stitching done while Scruff was in and out of pain and sleep. Don't you hate it when your babies have these horrible accidents and hurt themselves! I will certainly let you know how Scruff gets on and my sewing too.
Hope you've all been able to do a bit of sewing too.

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laurajane said...

Oh ,poor Scruff.
Love your work,the hand quilting is amazing .The hats are too.
Hope Scruff heals quickly .
Laura xx