Saturday, 27 October 2012

Butterflies and Berries

Finally I placed the board on the little table in my white room and started painting on the fancy envelope.
While Jim is working I'm finding that I'm enjoying working in the little room as its warmer and can concentrate more there.  Scruff sleeps under the table on the little makeshift bed of a quilt I got for her a while ago.
Scruff, Bongo and Jazz sleep on the bed.   When its that cold..... we all huddle together.
It takes a while to get into the spirit of painting when Ive not been doing this for so long.
I found some liquid acrylics that I'm finding brilliant for the job.  I did the first coat with a wash of yellow.
The background is now being worked on sort of a dark turquoise.  I know I have watercolour tubes there, screaming to be used but always get pulled to the liquid acrylics. I paint a bit then turn the board round.
I will certainly let you know how the painting progresses.  The weather is extremely cold, staying upstairs sitting next to the radiator is the only way to keep warm and cuddling all four dogs together on the bed.
I hope all of you manage to keep warm and keep creative this weekend.

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margaret said...

Faith it is already a beautiful envelope, like you I am feeling the cold but no heating yet just loads of layers and going to bed early as I have an electric blanket and it is warm and snug .