Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Knitty New Socks

Ive not written on this blog for absolutely AGES....... as Ive been so addicted to learning how to knit socks.  Knitting has been a nice change from everything else in the arts and crafts world and I'm sure all of you know just sometimes you need to have a change of crafts or hobby so that you can recharge your batteries.
This week Ive got the horrible chesty cold, so didn't go to my knitting class that I usually go to on a Tuesday. Ive been going to a crafts shop in a village to have one to one knitting lessons with a fabulous lady who has been teaching me me how to knit socks.
For years I have been wanting to learn, but just could not find anyone to teach me.
I was so so thrilled when one lady was willing to take me on.
Each pair of socks that I have knitted on a pair of needles, are improving while I get the hang of knitting again.   A couple of weeks before Christmas I promised my Jim that I would knit him a couple of socks. Ive been learning to knit on two needles and now learning to knit on four.

I'm really enjoying this.  I have posted some more photos.


Dolores said...

Good for you. I love the colourful yarn you used. Socks are something that I have not yet tried. Perhaps one day.

laurajane said...

Great stuff,and what fabulous socks.Just the thing to cheer you up on these cold winter days.xx

margaret said...

these will keep your toes warm and cosy for sure, and they are very colourful too