Saturday, 8 December 2012


Finally the big computer is working again thanks to Jim mending it, so now I can work on my blog again.
Ive been doing something completely new and different over the last couple of weeks.
On a Tuesday Ive been going to one to one knitting lessons in how to knit socks.
I have always wanted to learn how to knit socks, so one lady very kindly offered to teach me one to one how to knit socks using two needles. I managed to complete one odd sock.   I found that this sock fitted
Jim's foot better than mine as I have really narrow feet.   So for Jim's Christmas box, he said he wouldn't mind a couple of pairs of knitted socks.   So over the last couple of days Ive been collecting balls of wool when ever I get the chance to buy some.
I was really pleased when the Quilter's Guild sold balls of wool as well as quilting material so that saved me having a look round town which you can imagine is really really busy at the moment all to do with the Christmas magic and mayhem.  I had to smile when I read on one blog that one likes to hibernate over the Christmas mayhem.  Ive been hibernating in my little white room sat next to the window and the radiator to keep warm.  Yesterday Bongo thought it would be such fun to chew my knitting needles.  One bamboo needle I couldn't save but the other pair or 2.75 needles,,,, Bongo had chewed the wooden nozzles off the end.  This morning I had a brainwave to glue some beads at the end of this pair and it worked.  Its a good thing I bought oddments of beads and jewellery to cut up from the car boot sales last summer.  So even though my Jim moaned and groaned about some rubbish I bring home, some of it, does come in handy.
Ive been asking Father Christmas and the fairies for some hand dyed 4ply wool.  Are they listening? oh I hope so,..... well Ive got to get ready to take the hounds out now for their mad run on the field but I'm looking forward to catching up with all of you in Blogland.

Happy Stitching, Knittingx


laurajane said...

The sock looks great,bright and cheerful.
I had the same problem with my pup and bamboo knitting needles.She sits on the arm of my chair,and chased the needle up and down.Ive changed them now to metal ones,after she chewed a couple .
Still love her to bits though.

margaret said...

what wonderful colourful socks, shame they will not be seen, maybe you should shorten your hubby`s trousers to show them off. Did you see Kaffe on create and craft yesterday, a wonderful interview I throughly enjoyed it and thought of you being such a fan.

Annabelle said...

Hi - I love the sock - Looks like the 2 needle pattern I recently used. I have knitted socks for years on my holidays in NZ (long cold nights with family who go to bed early) - and decided three/four or circular needles are easier and get a better finish. Prefer odd socks in rainbow colours - no need to match and look gorgeous - and no worries in matching from the washing.

JennyPennyPoppy said...

Congratulations on learning how to knit socks and your sock looks terrific and wonderfully colourful. The first and last time that I knitted a pair of socks was way back in my teens.