Monday, 12 November 2012

Still Around

It has been a very busy few days, I have not forgotten about you all.  The main big computer
that I use for posting photos and sorting them out is just not working at the moment.
Elder man here, says that we must wait for a new disk as a back up after Windows 8 was
down loaded and made the original computer all go wobbly.  So I've been having to manage with
the weenie minnie laptop I call it which I don't like but there you go, beggars can't be choosers as the saying goes.
I just can't wait to download you the pictures of the envelope finished off to show you.
Leigh who I was doing the card and envelope for, received the finished items and was delighted
with them which is great,  Leigh said they bought tears to her eyes.  I'm so glad that all my hard work
on the card and the envelope did the job.
I'm now working on a Christmas stocking, Ive drawn out the design, made my bank card cough and
splutter stocking up on Steff Francis threads and paints.  Hope you're all managing to keep creative and keep

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margaret said...

What a pain to have your computer not working. I amconcerned abot mine as I bought it through comet and took out extra cover with assistance when I could not understand how to do things, This has been great but the assistance has gone with the demise of comet going into bankruptcy, the extended warranty still stands but not the help desk, thought I might replace it next year with a lap top but from what you write you are not happy with yours, more info please if possible. thanks