Friday, 12 April 2013


Its time I started to make more effort in the Blog Emporium World after quite a long break, but just didn't
realise how long I had been away.  (sorry folks).  For the last couple of weeks I had been busy learning how to knit again and challenging the art of sock knitting.   Each Tuesday depending how my MS is behaving, Ive been going down to a wool shop for one to one lessons how to do socks.  I managed to knit with two needles but to knit with four or five needles is still taking some getting used to.
Jim my partner had been begging me for weeks and weeks would I make Jim a new wallet and mobile phone holder?.  With the help of my wonderful friend Jean, Jean helped me make a pattern from the old
tattered case.
With Jim kindly being the taxi to lift my new heavy Pfaff sewing machine onto Jean's work table, some how we conjured up the magic of the new wallet with the chosen bits of spare material from the fabric stash.

  I had to learn all over again how to switch the sewing machine on, to sew.  As the wallet had a loop design at the back, I needed to learn how to do a button hole stitch on
that new sewing machine.  My goodness, I was really impressed.

I'm never going to be far away from my sewing machine for great lengths of time ever again.... so, with that buzzing in my little head, off I went to the Leicester Fabric Guild.
Whilst at the Fabric Guild I bumped into another lady who I had not seen for ages and was very saddened to hear about the passing of one of my group sewing teachers called Daphne. I was pleased to learn that the Thursday's craft group is still carrying on but making items for the Church Bazaar which Daphne tried so hard to get everyone to do, so watch this space everyone.


laurajane said...

Nice to see you back.
Great phone holder.x

dianne said...

it's easy to get out of the habit, innit?!? and by that, i mean blogging AND sewing...

margaret said...

good to see you blogging again and using your sewing machine, the phone holder had worked a treat. I no longer knit, find it too painful on the hand joints and they swell right up but crochet and needle tatting are okay, weird isn`t it.