Friday, 20 September 2013

More Progress on Moss

Ive been sewing some more on the moss project in between times when not too busy, mainly when the television is on in the background, the dogs fed and the humans fed. Im just loving the seed stitching and French knots, picking out the different shades of greens from the embroidery threads.
When I had the chance to, I had a good rummage through the boxes on top of the wardrobe shelves to see what I had there and had a nice surprise in finding more threads.
I hope you are all not too cold and getting on with some of you much loved crafts, not feeling too cold.

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margaret said...

Faith this is coming along beautifully, mind you it is my most favourite colour. Think we are in for a few nice days but yes the UK is cooling down after a lovely summer, no doubt we will pay for that with a bad winter.