Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Hooray for Wednesday

Hooray For Wednesday

It's 2am Wednesday, at last the electric came back on. Watching the news, I'm shocked at all the damage about the Sheffield flooding.
The worst affected areas are only about three roads away where Meadow hall Shopping Centre stands.
Meadow hall got flooded terribly so imagine the clean-up operation happening there.
Damage of sludge, mud, sewage. Thankfully my home was not affected with living on a slope of a hill in an upstairs flat.
It felt strange having two days of no electric, all I could do was stay indoors with my dogs and be safe.
I spent my time indoors hand quilting my green and turquoise quilt.
Quite a few relations phoned from abroad concerned about all what was happening on the news.
About four miles away there had been a huge alert about a dam ready to burst but thankfully the fire service and other emergency workers manage to avert the danger, this was certainly scary for the folk evacuated from three villages in that area. My heart goes out to them all affected in this terrible flood chaos.
As my electric has been off for two days my dogs have been having a party with spare sausages fish and fish-fingers. The remaining safe foodstuff OK to use up will get used in a nice casserole.
The land is still muddy and sloshy outside and the buses and trams have only started running again. Meadow hall is still closed due to the massive clean-up happening there.
Who knows there might just be some flood bargains.

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Quilt Pixie said...

there are advantages to living in an upstairs apartment. Glad you were able to "just settle in" for the duration, and not go "sightseeing" as so many who aren't in danger are wont to do in times of crisis...