Saturday, 30 June 2007

Saturday Patchwork

At Three am I looked out of the window and was surprised that the weather is still dry out there.
I had been reading a really good book about a medium Mia Dolan. I bought this book cheap from a charity shop for 50p, it's good to have a book now and again where you just cannot put it down.
I asked my mum to buy me some wrapping paper that had hexagon shapes all throughout the paper. mum kindly bought me three. Perfect i thought,... would be excellent for paper hexagons in patchwork as I really want to do myself a magical hippy coat in cool patchwork hexagons.
I can just imagine my dogs sighing (oh another project?), well you have to keep inspired don't you.
My little toes throbs oohs and arhhhhs as if some invisible horse trod right on my foot.
Through lots of walking and trekking in other words due to not many buses being around, I've had to do an awful lot of shopping just get the food in for me and the girls just in case the weather decides to be naughty again and we get flooded in.
Meadow hall is still shut, people are still getting rid of damaged stock and clearing out the muck.
Floods are still very bad three to four miles up the road and people are starting to panic once again due to more flood warnings and heavy rain about to lash upon us in this city of Sheffield.
Venturing out this weekend would not be a good idea due to the weather threat and my sore foot so I'm going to have fun indoor hand quilting and working with patchwork shapes.

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Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I think a magical hippy coat from hexagons might be just what the dr. ordered! Hang in there...