Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Still Around

Though I have not been quilting for a while being so busy with other projects I am still sticking to the name Nutbud as everyone knows me by that nickname.

I hope everyone else is ok. I have had a bad cold, it's still there lingering in my throat as if swallowing broken glass each time I talk, drink eat or even speak. This is a naughty devil of a cold just when you think the cold has gone away but it sticks to your chest like thick copydex glue as I explained it yesterday. I have been drinking loads of juices vitamin c's you name it to get rid of this long lingering cold.

Last weekend my team in Amadis House of the guitarist Jim, the Sound engineer Jason and comic artist Raj all of us mad bohemians went out saturday tea time to do some filming for one of the tracks we have written called BUSKER. The plan was to do a mini rock video for UTUBE using our own video equipment and imagination. Jim took an accoustic guitar with a rainbow strap and canvas paper stuck on the front to make it interesting painted in flame colours. I stuck rainbow coloured ribbons on the tamborine and the dogs, my two lurchers joined in as busking dogs. Scratch had a bandana tied round her neck to really look the part.

The first shoot was in the subway with lots of people walking by. We did get a few odd looks but we did'nt need to worry as we were not really busking just filming and acting the part.

Scratch and Alice were great they laid there in front of the mad tamborine woman (me!) and the guitarist belting the lungs out, and the dogs just laid there like they had done this all before.

We were not long in the subway for the first shoot, the next shoot was infront of a fountain with quite a few people laid out on the grass just showed how hot the weather was. Again we sang the song BUSKER while Jason and Raj took pictures, two guys came over and handed Jim a pound wow so we did look like buskers then (laughs). My throat was getting sore and I needed a break so Jim carried on singing for the fun of it to entertain the crowds passing by then we had to walk onto the next two shoots. The next, Castle gardens Leicester, and some really old cobbled streets which really looked interesting in the backdrop. All the filmwork is being edited now to match the recording we did to go on UTUBE. Keep your eyes posted on my blogs and I will let you know when the project gets on air.

My colds bit back with a vengeance when I so wanted to get on with some more recordings for some new songs which I had written, so instead of singing into the mic, most of the time I had to go to bed and just sleep like some surreal fairytale princess out of a children's book.

Last night most of us watched a film called "Walk The Line" about Johnny Cash it was a good film and was great to see it subtitled to help me understand it better with being deaf.


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mamaspark said...

Hi, I'm glad to see you are still hanging around! Did I read it correctly? that you are deaf? I have a friend that was an interpreter for the deaf where I work. Keep in touch!!