Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Quilt quilt quilt

The nights are getting a little cooler now which shows the sign that autumn is gliding in now.

My warm coat will bit dragged out of the cupboard before long along with the coats for the lurchers to keep them warm as they both feel the cold when going out for their evening runs on the field.

I have been really pleased with myself getting myself back into the routine of hand quilting each day. My fingers are sore though I do use a leather thimble, it's the muscles in the fingers and getting them strong again, gripping and pulling the needle. Gosh hand quilting is a tricky art but I do enjoy it. I suppose the more hand-quilting I do the better I shall get. It just like Jim and his fingers when he's not played the old heavy stringed acoustic for a while and playing so long on the electric guitar, you hear the ooh and the arrhhhhs after Jim has been practising for a while on them wicked metal strings. I feel the same with my hand quilting sometimes but it's worth it, it's a lovely satisfying feeling when you have quilted on little blocks and seeing the progress grow bit by bit. So that I'm not stopping and starting all the time to thread needles, Ive been threading loads of needles ready and sticking them into a makeshift pincushion small purple bear much to the horror to Raj who's coming on 16 now. The purple bear won't mind he's doing me a favour holding my needles for me while I quilt.

Last night Jim and I were writing chords to songs again to a new song which has been in my head for quite a while. I was showing Jim the chords from the keyboard which took forever and gosh I was getting tired, but we cracked it. Jim managed to write the chords down for the guitar next to the lyrics and I could breathe a sign of relief...."finally".

I did wonder did any other songwriter's or musicians and their families ever quilt?. What about Janice Joplin's family.... what about Heart do they quilt and do crafts? my mind was asking all these questions as I stitched along. It would be nice to know if other musicians and families, partners did quilting too. I might do a search later on the net to find out.

When I get back to Sheffield I will take some photos of the material for the new baby quilt which I have also got to start working on, I will be travelling back to Sheffield tonight.

I have enclosed a picture of us from a few weeks ago when we were filming a little music video.

This video is still being edited and the sound engineer Jason has gone away for several weeks now, so this means wonderful quilting time for me and more songwriting with pen and paper.



mamaspark said...

Yes!!! LOTS of pictures!!! I want to see your fabrics...

Laurie Ann said...

Thanks for your comment! My pups like rawhide too, but I only give them that inside because Roogrr will bury that also, but never dig it up again. You are right, they like the slimy ones the best!