Friday, 7 September 2007

Washerwoman At large

I did not know what to put for the title so I jotted down washerwoman at large lol.

The truth is I have been washing fat quarters for a new project which my mum has asked me to do for months and months a new baby quilt for her upcoming new grandson or grandaughter due in January 2008. I flung on my dear on leather frieind handbag with everything but the kitchen sink and headed off to one of my favourite quilting shops which I had not been to for quite a while but it was fabulous to go to. I had such fun picking the colours, of blues and aquas going into pale lemons, my purse wimpered a bit when i paid out forty pounds but hey it was worth it... every baby should have a very very special quilt with magical colours. I do believe when you have making a quilting you are making a loving soul within that quilt with all the love and the stitches that go into it.

Corrrrrr I have to light a match when ever my dogs breaks wind and my goodness they do knock your socks off I have to light a match for the sulphur the only thing that works. The way my dogs have this habit at this rate Ill be buying shares in the matchmakers.

Tonight is the drive down to Amadis house for more songwriting and creativity.

The little fun rock pop video being made for UTUBE needs some more video shots so we will have to go out in the park and do some more filming and busking just for the camera. This is going to be fun as the parks do have some nice old features and bridges which will make the video shoots interesting. I have been telling alot of people about the project to get them interested. Theres still a long way to go yet in more songs to be written and more mixing to be finalised. We dont have these posh huge record companies or mega mega luxury studios for recording work we do everything ourselves in Amadis House at our own pace when we can.

I will certainly let you know how it all goes and keep you posted on my variety of projects.


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mamaspark said...

OHHHH, do post a photo of the fabrics so i can drool from across the pond!! I absoloutely LOVE those colours together!! My favs. Your dogs are adorable!! Too bad about the gas problem. Maybe a different food??