Friday, 28 December 2007

One day after Boxing Day

It feels a little strange after Christmas and Boxing day, the shops were open again with reduced priced Christmas goodies. I didn't buy anything spectacular just bought some more bread for the next few days and some really nice reduced Christmas cards that were too nice to just leave alone. The oven had a good scrub out and I may just now take the plunge and get on with some more hand quilting. The weather is vicious with heavy rain and black skies, snow may catch up with us yet as all the sea gulls were scattered about on the playing fields, some days the weather has been mild and other days absolutely freezing.

Over the last few days I had been busy knitting my dear old dad a scarf.

I had to pull this down again as my dad wanted the scarf to be six inches wide and not sixteen wow I felt like throwing the whole damn thing in the bin when I learned I had misheard the mistake of sixteen and not six, yes we are talking about a scarf here. Well before I pulled the scarf down I did take some pictures so that you can see what the wool looks like when knitted up, called hand dyed Merino wool, I love it.

I'm going to cut out some paper stars and make foam templates so that I can draw round them on the stars and moon backing cloth that I have got to do now. This will be fun and relaxing will help my wrist to rest just a little bit. Hope everyone is still having fun and not too tired with all the Christmas festivities. We have been working on a new song in the studio and not been getting to bed til five in the morning...... whoo hooo all rock and roll.


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Lora Martin said...

Oh, Faith, what a drag to have to take the 16" scarf apart! Well, it will keep you out of the shops and that wool is beautiful, so you can enjoy it that much longer.

I wish you a new year filled with peace and joy.