Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Decisions decisions.....

I hate decisions.... especially when they are about my poor dogs.

Scratch went back to the vets to have her leg checked again and unfortunately the bones are just not fusing together despite the operation almost a month ago with a screw and wire.

The vet mentioned I would have to make a decision by Thursday this week about whether to amputate Scratch's leg or not. What ever decision I make sounds horrendous and such a big ordeal for poor Scratch either way. I must admit I cried absolute buckets full in the car on the way back. So this is why I have not done as much quilting as I would of liked I have been busy tending to Scratch and getting out in the garden as much as I can just to get outside and wipe away a few tears. I have joined an animal K9 site talking to other lurcher owners and fans and I am getting feed back that lurchers do cope very well on three legs.

The gorgeous wooden arbour is up in the garden, already the arbour has drunk a litre of undercoat paint and used every last drop of paint from the tin, so I will have to get some more this week. I'm also waiting for a batch of plants from some plant firms to fill in some empty spaces in the garden, I'm trying to get plants that will grow year after year.

Please mention Scratch in your prayers.


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mamaspark said...

It is a sucky decision but what other option do you have? Both you and Scratch will be in my prayers!