Saturday, 3 May 2008

Enjoy The Journey

Hi All,

I'm still working on the applique stems, gosh they take a long time to do don't they.

I have kept whinging to Jim saying gosh everything just feel they take forever and forever.

Quilting, the progress and process working on our Faith and Karma Album and the progress on Scratch's leg, time and time again Jim gives me the correct answer...

"Just enjoy the journey!!!", which is right and which I should try to think more in times of frustration.

I'm hoping to complete the last applique stem today, the next job are to draw round the leaves.

I have decided that the green material is just a little too yellowy so I'm going to paint round the edges with some acrylic paint, mixed with fabric medium to blend in with the green stems.

My mind wandered to these fantastic tent maker quilters in Egypt while doing the hand applique.

These marvelous people make these applique quilts day in and day out using this old fashioned technique of turning under the edges then stitches with like a badge stitch but extremely fine.

It took me a while to get the hang of this stitch by hand. I soon got tired after stitching for several hours then had to have a rest for an hour then back to the project again.

The weather has been marvelous and warm, about time after days and days of rain.

Some of the garden has been tidied up a little, quite a few pots need re potting.

Remember me mentioning the quilt top I bought off eBay? well mysteriously this went missing in the post so we have been back and forth contacting the seller on eBay saying just where is it?

Oh I hate it when things go missing in the post, the seller is looking into it.

I'm also waiting for the batting and quilting cottons to arrive in the post from a patchwork shop, I'm looking forward to receiving these.

I have put on a picture of some artwork I did a while ago hope you like the image.

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mamaspark said...

Beautiful painting, Faith. Jim is right, just enjoy the journey! Sometimes it is difficult to keep that perspective in life though, isn't it?