Monday, 22 September 2008


I'm letting you have a peep at a page from my sketchbook. The funny thing is even though I sketched patchwork ideas I certainly were not doing them at the time and wow look at me now. Maybe I was predicting my future there and did not realise.
I remember last year and the year before I went to a spiritualist meeting and a woman there told me Id be making quilts. I looked at this woman gone out as at the time I was doing just art and hooked rugs, quilting was very last thing on my mind.
An advert is in the back of October edition of Patchwork and Quilting asking for fat quarters, cotton materials, quilt tops unfinished or finished to work on to raise money for Scratch Project….towards the PDSA and vet bills. A few months ago Scratch badly broke her leg and had to have her leg amputated. Scratch is doing fine now but she does have to go back now and again to get it all checked. If anyone knows anyone that can help please pass the message on even if its just one or two fat quarters it all helps. Theres a wonderful neighbour over the road who is willing to help with the Scratch Project making blocks and some needlework and we even talked about getting a patchwork group together. I'm working like mad on the farmers quilt just to get a tiny bit of pocket money to buy more wadding and materials for all Scratchy quilts.
If you think you can help please let me now even doing one block would help if you fancy having ago. A ten inch block with log cabin.. or….strippy stripes just like the blocks Ive shown you will be absolutely brilliant.

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Little Mysteries said...

Wow, your notebook is amazing. You are making lots of quilts now.