Monday, 20 October 2008

Birthday Girl


Today has been my birthday and what a lovely day I have had.
I got lots of lovely birthday cards and Jim took me to the Tropical Birds Farm which was lovely seeing the parrots and having one or two on me for tit bits of nuts and fruits. I have uploaded some photos here to show you, you will also be able to see Jim with this bird that just flew on him, a cheeky devil absolutely gorgeous.
Making a chocolate cake for my birthday will take some time as with my ms I get a bit tired but it will all be fun fun. I painted some chocolate on scratchs paw to make an imprint for another of her magical scratchy quilts. She enjoyed all the fuss.
The imprint was drawn round on another piece of paper then the pawprint image was ironed onto some cotton using the transfer pencil. At the moment, one of paw prints have been embroidered round using rainbow thread using the long and short satin stitch. This is all experimental, some will be appliqued with the scraps that I have collected over time.
The parrot photos would not upload so I will upload them tom morrow.
i have included the tiny patchwork squares of log cabins with small five inch blocks stitching with button hole stitch round the edge and the lovely collection of cards.
I have been thinking about Pam on my birthday so put the favourite shipshewana book in on the shelf along with my cards to include Pam too.


Julia said...

Happy Birthday Faith - good to hear you had a super day. The log cabin blocks are nice too :0)

Chris' Shady Grove said...

Happy Birthday Faith!

mamaspark said...

Faith, you cheeky bugger!! Why didn't you tell me it was your birthday?? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I would have sent a small something if I had known!! Ok, so now yuo really will have to wait for Christmas!!

Little Mysteries said...

Happy Birthday! The parrots look amazing with their wonderful colours. Glad to hear you had a great day. Love your log cabin blocks.