Friday, 24 October 2008


One Of the Lovely Presents I recieved On My Birthday

Scratch's Pawprint being Embroidered
Today we are going to see mum who lives back in my old hometown of Sheffield.
Driving from Leiceister to Sheffield takes about two hours on the motorway. Im looking forward to going as Ive not seen my mum for a while and shes kindly giving me her silk paints and silk painting frame to play around with which is great, more goodies to play around with for the patchwork and quilting ideas. Silk painted ideas for waistcoats and dresses perhaps? The scope is enormous.
As my legs were a bit sore yesterday I spent time sewing Scratch’s pawprints in long and short satin stitch. First I outlined the shape in backstitch then started on the long and short stitch side by side. After a bit of practice I began to enjoy this and I absolutely love working with multicoloured embroidery threads, multicoloured anything. Some of the embroidered pawprints will go in the centre of the log cabin minis…. And the other I don’t know yet, maybe do some thin washes of fabric paint round them and leave them as they are.
The first picture is a close up of the gorgeous beaded necklace that I recieved from Jackie a few roads away. I absolutely love greens and this will go well with all my completed outfits Im hoping to make in the next couple of months.

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