Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Only A Few More Days Left


Only another two more days left before the quilt show in Malvern…whoopee!!
My want and shopping list keeps changing everyday what I will need. Im needing wadding, more rainbow multicoloured quilting thread, rayon thread. A clover mini applique iron and anything else there that may pull my arm. But I mustn’t forget the main reason why we are going there is to see Witchy Woo and Hallie the Cat.
My project at the moment is something completely different working on waistcoat front panels for my rainbow partner Jim… I have used soft pencil crayons on fabric and have got to glaze over with medium then to iron this to fix it. The black outline will be covered over with embroidery thread and the then each panel hand quilted.
This all takes time and it all depends what happens in the process.
We have had snow with flurries as big as the middle of my hand, thankfully non of it settled on the ground and I felt so sorry for the robin in the front garden I went out and put some seeds in the front garden.

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mamaspark said...

This is really a neat project. I am so excited for you to go and see Witchy Woo and Hallie! I hope you win a prize. The real Hallie will be happy at me home to know that she is in such an event!! Keep me posted.