Thursday, 16 October 2008

A Little Scratch Parcel

Last Wednesday we took a trip to Melton Mowbray which is about three quarters of an hour on the motorway. This place is a small town mainly where equestrian people and farmers go as the equestrian and agricultural college is not far from there.
To my disappointment there was not a patchwork shop there but we did find a store called Boyes that sold cheap cotton fabric to dye. I was pleased about this as for dressmaking I do need to make a mock pattern out of cheap fabric to see if the experiments will work.
Surprisingly today is a gorgeous sunny warm day, I went over the road to look at the carboot sales and my deafness showed me up again. I saw the leather sofas and asked how much they were, and I thought the man said fifty pounds so I went to the bank and drew some money out. When I came back the man said
“and you are giving me the other hundred ?” ohhhh I was so disappointed and felt such a fool. If he truly had a heart that man and didn’t have so much greed yes he could of given me the sofas for fifty pounds but nope he wanted more and I had to walk away feeling a bit sad, disappointed and deflated. Car boot sales are certainly not places where you expect to see something over a hundred pounds,,,, that’s a bit naughty that isn’t it, but there you go…people get greedy and round here people just do not have a lot of money, me and Jim being one of them.
Things happen for a reason,,,, in the evening when I phoned my mum to tell her mum told me about several stories in the newspaper where leather sofas were not always safe from car boot sales. Mum was telling the story how two cream leather sofas were for sale at a car boot sale and that they made the buyer ill because of the stuffing and chemicals used to treat the leather making these people really ill and putting them in hospital. So there you go….. the angels stepped in there to guard me against having them though I could not understand it myself at the time.
So to try and cheer myself up I just had a go at baking…ginger cakes… Victoria sponge cakes and some cheese scones.
I will have a look round charity shops in the future as these often have sofas for sale.
Scratch had a lovely little parcel for the Scratch Project some little scraps of material.
I would like to design some more scratchy quilts but I have been suggested to do a dog with three legs and a dog coat with a cross so I will rattle my brains for this one and see what I can do. I feel drawn to Welsh quilting styles where scraps were just built round the square for the middle.
A lovely little parcel came for the Scratch Project some little bits of fabric which me and Scratch are delighted with. I have included some pictures of her helping to open the parcel, Scratch loves opening parcels she gets so excited and helps to open the brown packaging. In my head I'm trying to think of another Scratch quilt now, another design using scraps, to put in the shape of a whippet but with three legs.
I have also been thinking of Scratch’s favourite things she likes to chase and play games with. Squirrels, cats…..rabbits….. maybe more applique could be done?
Since meeting Jackie who can help me with my dressmaking …gosh I am such a beginner I have been buying nice black fabric to make a skirt. I just could never find what I wanted out of the shops, and the skirts I have liked just have been so expensive and in the cheapest material I have not liked. Very often, nothing could fit me.
I just hate that deflated feeling of not being able to find anything to fit me in my ideas of designs. Don’t you get this feeling sometimes?
I have tiny pieces of material bits of material cut off so Im trying to think what to do with them,,,, a mini crazy patchwork shape or logo? stuck on mosaic? please let me know any ideas I will have a play around with fabric scraps in what I can do.

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Chris' Shady Grove said... has a book called "Pattern fitting with confidence" that you may find helpful. the book teaches you how to adapt a pattern to fit your measurements. I just picked up a copy for myself because I am 3 different sizes from top to bottom.