Tuesday, 4 November 2008

handquilting Again

Wow This is proper Handquilting, one of the Antique Quilts on Display I love how theres the combination of cream in the middle and rest white.

This wholecloth quilt is awesome I love the swirly bits

To Handquilt or Not?

I'm feeling quite pleased with myself as I have managed to get back into my hand quilting, practising more like!! After being inspired by seeing the gorgeous quilts all hand quilted at the Malvern show, I felt like getting back on with mine again.
I managed to hand quilt for about five to six hours taking little breaks in between.
Its amazing how when you have not been hand quilting for a while how sore and weak your fingers feel, but I thoroughly enjoyed getting into the rhythm of the needle again and things felt much better once I swapped to a finer sharper needle. I can only do a stitch or two at a time I cant do four or more like these clever Amish ladies.
Jim is home so I will be able to get some help to baste one of the quilts with the so called banana safety pins as Jim calls them. The weather is not as cold as it has been for the last few days. Scratch and Alice had a good little run chasing squirrels and Alice has gone back to bed after a little hunting expedition. They didn’t catch anything don’t worry, the little furry critters are always much too fast for them or too high up the trees much to Scratch’s disappointment.

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