Friday, 14 November 2008

Introducing You Isis

Hi All

Im sorry for not posting anything for a while I have been really poorly with tummy aches and being sick but thankfully Im a lot better now and itching to get on with my crafts and creativity again. I have been working on something for a lovely surprise parcel for someone on here.

I have decided that for my 200th post I'm going to do a give-away so I'm working on the items.

Keep watching my posts to see what these items will be. Most will be handmade by me, painted or sewn. I have never done a blog giveaway before so this will be exciting.

It was the full moon yesterday so took the chance to light some candles it was nice.

We now have a drummer for our band but he needs drums so I'm going to ask around to see if anyone could possibly donate us some as we will be doing some performances for charity after lots and lots of practice of course. Ive got some songs to learn and practise too... Stairway to heaven, Honky Tonk Woman Rock and Roll the Gary glitter version, Flowers In The Rain by the old band The Move.. I'm looking forward to it, its a huge challenge and I hope that my hearing aids behave themselves and don't cut out. OOH thank goodness theres no one in the house at the moment to hear me practising and wailing hee hee.

I hope everyone is having quilting fun at the moment I'm thinking about you all and visiting your blogs I will leave comments, gosh I feel I have been away for a very long time.
I'm showing you a picture of Isis our studio cat, she lives in the music studio where its safe from the torment of four dogs, she keeps Jason company our sound engineer and who ever goes in there to practise. Shes looking a lot better now and putting weight on which I'm pleased about.
Isis loves tuna fish so I must her some she always greets me with a hello when I call in to see her.

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