Monday, 17 November 2008

Monday Blues

Monday Blues.

It’s a horrible cold and wet day with cold drizzle, enough to make you want to stay in bed and keep under that warm duvet. I went over the shopping centre and found that I just could not remember my pin number. “Duh!” I thought is this my MS kicking in again? I have lost feeling and sensation on my left side of the tummy and leg making me a bit slower with walking and things. Its like having cold cramps and pins and needles. Anyway I walked back home to get on with this C quilt. I call this the C quilt as it’s the one on order and my oh my I'm having a hard time with this as its just taking so long to do. I keep doing a bit then having a rest.
What I'm doing at the moment is drawing the lines ready to hand quilt when basted.
Just straight and simple, nothing fancy. In the four corners will be a leaf shape with shadow quilting on the inside of the leaf.
Right from the table where I'm working I can see my Lurchers Scratch and Alice keeping cosy together, they certainly know how to keep warm. Scratch is the brown one and Alice is the black and white one.

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