Monday, 3 November 2008

More Pictures

This Is One Of the Antique Quilts Up On Display called Welsh Quilting

This is one of Jims favourite hence why he took the picture of Showbiz

See what I mean about the paddock fencing? and the Lovely Hills

Just Before We entered the small hall Jim wanted to take the pictures of the stones. Malverns Mini Stonehenge as Jim calls it.

Some more Malvern Pictures

I have posted some more pictures as promised showing the surrounding Malvern Hills and some more quilts of course. I have been getting back on with my hand quilting as these projects desperately needs working on, now that I have my new hand quilting frame to work on. I admire these hand quilters particularly the Amish community that can work day in and day out on the hand quilting without any interruptions


mamaspark said...

I sure wish I could have come too! It looks quite nice.

mamaspark said...
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