Sunday, 14 June 2009

Carboot sales and stitchings

Its been another glorious hot day. First thing this morning I nipped over the road to the local car boot sales. Being a quilter, I looked round for fabrics that could be used, beads and quilting books. I got a blue turquoise batik skirt that would no way fit me but the fabric is fabulous for using in quilting. I got a really old book about patchwork and quilting from the 1970's with some great tips inside. Someone had once treasured this book as there were some old plans and loose bits of applique paper shapes. The book was tattered but it didn't matter it was a treasure find for me.

I got some small stone chip beads and some square small canvases to paint at ten pence each.

My biggest thrill was when the man let me have a big art book on religious icons. I like dabbling in sewing and painting mixing them up in textiles.

Here you can see the latest progress on the Mini Spring Quilt. You can see Ive done random stitches in the middle, haa haa I'm not showing you the back. I hope to get the back covered before I send this off to the lucky lady so far away. I must admit I really did panic and get upset thinking I'm not going to get this quilt done. I'm not worried now, this is coming along at great paces and thrilled now everything is coming together. Just another six more days.

I'm hoping to start hand quilting round the border, the lettering using a nice orange variegated quilting cotton. In the middle for both embroidery and hand quilting I used ordinary DMC and Anchor threads, they have been great and fun to use.

Last week I was hoping to get the latest Quilting Arts book from America but the shop had sold out and I was so disappointed. The Quilting Arts magazine is very me, very my style, with splashes of colour, beads, random embroidery and fabulous great sharp designs giving me lots of ideas. I have the one with the little birdies on the front cover with a ladder going up the sunflower.
I'm excited about the Spring Quilt swap, it's all fun and seeing what others do and wow there are some wonderful quilters and their quilts out there wooo hooo!!! all great stuff.


sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Hi Faith, thanks for visiting my blog! Love your mini spring quilt and also the lovely paintings from your mum's favourite shop in Sheffield. Are they from India? Looks like gouache on fabric - beautiful. Best wishes.

Beena said...

Your swap quilt is looking amazing!
You have been in my thoughts, though I haven't had time to e-mail.
Sounds like you had some wonderful finds!

Gina said...

Love the quilt.

I never seem to find anything great at boot sales. I'll have to come with you.
Have you tried Amazon for the book or do you mean the magazine. I get the magazine when it comes out and can always send it to you.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Myra said...

Very crafty mini quilt Faith! Very nice! 8-)

mamaspark said...

Love the spring quilt. I wish it was me that was getting that one! I think you are very lucky to always find such great things at the car boot sales too.

Jenny said...

Love the quilt, how do you do the lettering? Do you have a template for it or draw it freehand? I'm really into lettering at the moment.