Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Rest Now Rest!

Now Bradd!! can you sit next to me and let me place my quilt on your lap while I quilt away? hee hee. Cor... dream on me! a naughty slap on my wrist.

Just like a flower wilting a bit because of lack or sunshine or water, my body felt like I had wilted and just gone tired.

Naughty MS.

I feel I just want to float on a water bed like a lotus flower, just relax, stop everything. I would like to sleep but I cant so...... what was I to do?

I decided to watch a rented DVD called The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button taken from the story written by Scott Fitzgerald.

Scratch pushed herself under the desk, for this..... it means that she is scared of something.

I looked out the the window and it was fine, no rain, nothing abnormal. Scratch just laid under there stubborn and wont move wrapping what ever is under there with her three legs!.

I put in the DVD and naughtily scoffed some cream buns amongst myself and four dogs, I had to shut the baby gate and put Tam on the outside as she got to her greedy wolf like ways, so to stop her pinching and trampling on the other dogs it was best she went to the other side of the gate.

Jim said he just was not interested in seeing this film..... Hes a bloke, blokes (men)..... sometimes jealous of you drooling over filmstars.... don't like soppy love stories..... and I wanted to watch BRAD PITT

all to myself and drool just like the dogs do when faced with cream buns. I enjoyed the story and I loved the cast and the music.

Yes when you are a quilter you always notice the quilts in the film set and Im always saying to myself,

"wow look at that quilt...cor....!"

All the dogs look at me as if Im outright crazy, which yes I am!!!

I'm glad this film won some awards.

When I read up about the story, I noticed this was completely different to the book, the plot but it was still good.

Now Scratch was so right while I watched the film, there was another storm outside of thunder and lightning, gosh we have had storms like this nearly every day. Scratch warns me, tells me that theres a storm coming ages before it's arrival. When ever theres a storm Scratch comes to find me for comfort.

Jim has told me quite some time ago if you cant sleep just shut your eyes and meditate so that is what I have been doing.

I hope everyone is having quilting fun, I am so enjoying the blogs that everyone writes, where they go, the families, the quilt shows, so interesting.



Dolores said...

Try listening to some good music while you are blogging. it's funny how Scratch is the only one that is attuned to the weather. I sometimes get 'pressure' headaches when the weather turns rainy. Glad you liked the movie. I have yet to see it.
Take care, Dolores

Beena said...

It was a good movie! And the fact that Brad Pitt was in it didn't hurt!

Jenny said...

My favourite Brad Pitt film is 'Meet Joe Black'. I pray for my friends when I can't sleep.

Gina said...

I put the radio on when I can't sleep and drift away to the music.
If you can, before you meditate, lie on the bed and do a full body stretch for five secs while breathing in. As you release breath out. Do this twice and you will find that the body is more relaxed and meditation will be easier.

love and hugs Gina xxx

Chris said...

Hi Faith, I hope you are feeling better soon. I must say I agree with you about Brad Pitt although Johnny Depp really does it for me.

Myra said...

That is one movie I should get out and rent... Must make myself a list...
My Dora doesn't like storms either. They don't bother Ruby...
Spooky Cat looks great! 8-)
Hope you are able to get some sleep soon...