Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Testing Just Testing

Over the last couple of days, the computer has been playing up which means that I have not been able to blog. I found this most frustrating and felt tested to the limit with my patience. When I could not get on the internet I just read books, mostly from charity shops and car boot sales.
I love these places finding magical finds of fabrics,cotton reels and old sewing tools.
Last weekend we all went to Belgrave Hall Museum which was really interesting. We will be going back there next weekend for a fun theme during the day called The Masked Ball.


Beena said...

Glad you are back online, Faith!!!
But it sounds like you were still able to make good use of your time, and have some fun!
The museum looks like the perfect place for a masked ball!

Gina said...

reading you loud and clear Faith.
I have been catching up with my reading over the last few weeks aswell. How did the birthday boy like his card?

Love and hugs Gina xxx